Why Bingo trumps the Lottery every time

September 12th, 2013

I have been an avid Bingo player for many years now, and occasionally I like to dabble in the National Lottery as well. Despite being similar in that they are both games which centre around the draw of random numbers, I play each game for completely different reasons.

The only enjoyment to get out of playing the National Lottery is the few measly minutes of hope you get during each draw on a Wednesday or Saturday night. For just a couple of moments in your living room, you fantasise that the paper you have in your hand could be the ticket to a lifetime of luxury and hassle-free enjoyment anywhere and everywhere in the world. However, once the final ball has dropped, and you double check back over your numbers, reality hits you just as quickly as the closing credits of the show, and you know that somewhere, someone in the world is experiencing euphoria as their numbers have matched what is played out on TV. And let’s be honest, you loathe them for it.

Despite their initial similarities, Bingo could barely be any more different a game to the National Lottery.  For starters, the game can go on for as long as you would like it to, especially in online bingo. Each game itself can last anywhere up to 10-15 minutes, and in that time you will find yourself loving every second of it. Each ball read out is an opportunity, and as you tick off your numbers on your card, you start to see where it is you might win one of the three possibilities you have of winning; one line, 2 lines and then full house.

Paddy Power Online Bingo can be played with friends, online and offline, and not only that but the chances of you winning something far outweigh that of the national lottery! You may not be able to buy a mansion, a yacht and a sportscar, however for twice the experience, you could still walk away with a significant win of up to several hundred thousand pounds!

When someone does win in your game, there is a high chance that you know them, or have met them before, especially if you have been playing a while. Therefore you experience the win with them, which is far more enjoyable than flicking through the channels to find the news after the Lottery!



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